I’ve had a love of all things content (although it certainly wasn’t called that then!) from a very young age, a path which led me to work for DC Thomson and Young Scot.

My time at Young Scot also coincided with the rise of digital media and new ways to engage. I was lucky enough to work on a range of new approaches, from creating video content and social media to recording podcasts and training young people to develop their digital skills. In my 11 years with the charity, I spent the first half working in a hands on approach to content and engagement, before moving to a more strategic role as Digital Director.


Make It Your own

Through each of the roles I’ve undertaken in my career, there’s one element that has stood out to me as being vital - tailoring the approach appropriately.

Everyone’s goal is different. Target audiences present a range of new challenges. Resources are crucial, and must be used well. Proper planning and understanding of what you want to do involves all of these and more.

I therefore put this at the core of all the work that I do. No matter the client, I’ll spend time working with you to find out what you need, and how we can best achieve it, and then build a proposal to suit. I think we’re all capable of providing valuable content and digital engagement, if we have the right building blocks in place first.


  • Create content for your business, for both print and online.

  • Analyse current content (website, social media etc) and provide feedback.

  • Help you to plan future content.

  • Train staff on how to create quality content.

  • Support you to embed content creation into your company/organisation.

  • Share content tools which can help your productivity and efficiency in creating and manaing your content.


  • Support you to embed social media into your company/organisation.

  • Social media strategy development

  • Social media policy and guideline development

  • Manage your social media profiles.

  • Provide support and consultancy for the staff responsible for your social media profiles.

  • Tailored social media training

If you’ve got another aspect of digital engagement that you would like to discuss, I’d be more than happy to do so!