I’m lucky to work with a diverse range of clients from across sector, each with differing creative needs. Here are just a few of them.

Exeter Quay Counselling

One of my first clients, I’m delighted to still be working with Barbara Matheson to this day. Originally based in Edinburgh, she now lives and works in Exeter, providing excellent counselling and supervision support to her clients.

My role with Exeter Quay Counselling is to maintain and manage the website. Over the years this has involved a complete content rewrite, switching platforms (it’s currently based on Wordpress), and recently the introduction of a blog section ‘News and Views’.

All the content is created from audio interviews conducted with Barbara. You can view her website by visiting www.exeterquaycounselling.co.uk

“I have worked with Martin for several years and I’m delighted with the tone and quality he’s brought to my website. He always provides a warm, friendly , professional approach to his work and continues to demonstrate a great understanding of my business , ethics and principles. He can write about me better than I can. What a bonus!”

Barbara Matheson

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The scottish youth parliament

I’ve worked on a range of projects for the SYP during my time as a freelancer, including providing an input on responsible use of social media to their Board induction each year, developing a social media policy, and providing support for the Communications Team.

Two of the biggest projects have been to create e-learning modules. The first was developed on the back of the success of the first input to the SYP Board, exploring how to use social media carefully and effectively. This is now mandatory for all MSYPs to complete when they are elected.

The second is a module for the Support Workers within local authorities who work with MSYPs. Designed to give an overview of their role, the role of MSYPS, sittings, sources of support and more, the module also provides a closed space for Support Workers to discuss their work.



Focusing on providing copywriting support (with design support coming from my A Total of One colleage Alan Davison), this project involved working with Community Energy Scotland, South Seeds and The Carbon Co-op, working together under the brand Flexible Power Community.

Flexible Power Community was funded by Nesta to explore how viable more flexible energy use is with individuals and communities, to more meet the demands placed on the energy grid.

Stay Bright provided a range of advice and copy creation to Flexible Power Community to ensure that their key messages were clear and succinct.

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