A Goal To Change

Last weekend I wrapped myself in layers of clothing to avoid the Forthbank chill, and headed to my old stomping ground to watch Stirling Albion take on Annan Athletic.

Any of you who have met me for more than five minutes will know that when it comes to football, my team is Hearts, a family affliction passed down for decades. Cut me and I will bleed maroon etc etc.

But coming from Stirling originally, my ‘other’ team is Stirling Albion. I’m a member of the Supporters Trust, and when not at Tynecastle, enjoy a wee jaunt to Forthbank to watch the Binos. I appreciate the chance to support what was my local team, and to be honest, it’s also nice to escape the SPL and the same old players every week.

In my last blog I talked about the idea of a blank slate, and the recharge that I get from it. Equally as important is a change of scene. It can be moving from your home office to a table in the living room. Or out to a coffee shop. Or even taking a desk in an office somewhere.

This year I’m almost certain to be taking the latter option. With a baby on the way in six weeks, the mancave I work from will become part office, part nursery shortly, before making the full time switch in the not too distant future.

It took me a while to get my office set up due to other circumstances in my first three years of business. But since then I’ve grown to love this little space. It’s somewhere I know I can shut myself away to do work, complete with vinyl, radio and other home comforts.

I’m going to miss having the short walk across the flat to an area that is my own. It’s going to be a tough transition. But equally an exciting one. It feels like (alongside my other work plans for 2019) things are changing up. That the adjustment will be good for me, bringing about the recharge that I talked about previously. New ways of working, new people to work with. I’m not looking forward to having to take my office apart. But I am looking forward to what comes after it.

Forthbank 12th January - Stirling Albion v Annan Athletic

In what became a bad-tempered game, Stirling defied the odds of going a man down to beat Annan 2-1. Having scored first, they gifted Annan an equaliser, then sat back too deep, inviting their opponents to attack them and put them under pressure for long spells.

A sending off three quarters of the way through a game would have seen most managers set up to continue to defend and play for the draw. But new Binos manager Kevin Rutkiewicz chose a different approach, keeping two up front, and putting on a sub midfielder and striker to freshen things up.

The result was sub striker Dylan Mackin heading to the back post, where Peter MacDonald scored his second of the game, and what was to prove to be the winner. The cheer when the ball hit the net, and the celebrations at the final whistle, were the best I’ve seen at Forthbank for a while, the positive approach to the game warmly welcomed by the Albion fans after a few years of drudgery.

Making a change isn’t always easy, but it can be amazing what it can bring.