It's the most wonderful time of the year

The jingly tunes are playing. The shoppers have a slightly panicked look ast they scurry. And the complaints of overpricing and overcrowding at the Edinburgh Christmas market get louder.

Yep, Christmas is here.

It’s an interesting time for a freelancer. For a start, you are faced with the “No Christmas party for you though, eh?” jokes. My attempts to explain that I do celebrate the holidays with other freelancers (and more often than not have more fun) are largely ignored. I’m merely spoiling a punchline it seems.

There’s the bonus of being able to do your Christmas shopping at the slightly quieter times too. No more trudging up town for late night shopping or on a Saturday. Blank out a morning early in December, and you’re done.

Work continues in December, but at times barely. As 1st December approaches, you can feel the batteries of work being to run low in everyone, and the excitement rise for parties, well-earned time off, and having an excuse to enjoy that extra beer or too and eat too much chocolate.

Christmas Decoration on tree

Christmas Decoration on tree

Social media never sleeps of course, so December doesn’t mean putting my feet up entirely. But new projects are pitched before November ends. Miss that deadline and you are into the middle of January before you can realistically go again.

What that allows you though, is the chance to catch up on all the things that you can’t get done the rest of the time. From paperwork to tax returns, office tidying to email inbox cleaning, December is a month to give your admin a Christmas clean, ready for a new year.

It’s a heartening time too, particularly when monitoring social media. Don’t get me started on the need for foodbanks in the UK in 2018, but the way people rally around to provide support and help to those who are hungry, homeless, in need of additional help or even just some company, is frankly, wonderful. Social media has the habit of making you question people at times, but at this time of year it can also be a great mobiliser, and celebrate humanity and good will.

Whatever your plans, have a great time over the Festive period, and look forward to speaking to you in 2019!

Merry Christmas!