The Benefits and Challenges of Working At Home

One of the things that I want to explore in this blog is what it means to be a freelancer these days. It’s something that I find fascinating, exciting and challenging, and it is different for everyone. Which is why it is so fun to explore.

This last week has been the perfect example. Last Monday saw the start of a new kitchen getting installed in our flat. The one we’ve had was here when I moved in 12 years ago, was looking tired, and with a baby on the way, we wanted to make sure it worked well for us, and was as safe as it could be.

It threw up a few logistics. Apart from the lack of somewhere to cook, we also had to make sure that the kitchen fitters were going to have access to the flat. With me working from home, no problem, right? We’ll give one set of keys to the kitchen fitters, and I’ll be around as a back up.

And I have to say, for the most part it worked. But it definitely had an impact on my work.

At times they needed to ask questions, interrupting what I was doing. Sometimes the electricity needed to be switched off, meaning I had to turn my computer off, work offline on my laptop, or use my phone as a hotspot.

Then there was the time I took to make sure they were topped up with cups of caffeine, so they were spurred on to finish it all!

And lastly there was just the general noise. Drilling. Hammering. The music on their radio as they worked in the kitchen. None of it was particularly loud or out of order. But even with my headphones on, it distracted me from what I was trying to do.

I often escape to coffee shops to work, and while I tried that this time, I still often found it hard to get back into a working rhythm after all the stop start.

As I look at our new kitchen, it’s been completely worth it. But I do feel my work has suffered.

Working from home can make life a lot easier. But with it comes a set of new challenges. Even after five years, I’m still learning to navigate them.

Time to get back on track this week. First step, stick the kettle on.