At Last...

Don’t worry, I’m not going to break into Ella Fitzgerald (although I do love that song).

The ‘at last’ instead refers to the new version of this site. It’s the first change since I simplified things down to just two pages in 2014. And it’s been a loooooong time in the planning. It’s been started a few times, but never finished or I’ve changed my mind about the design.

It’s funny what you focus on when you are a freelancer. The value of having my own site to share what I do isn’t lost on me. It’s something that has short and long term benefits. But it’s amazing how it slips down the To Do list when pieces of work that pay you get in the way.

My plan is that this is just the start. As well as updating this blog, I plan to develop the content on the site more, adding and updating as things go on. Having recently celebrated Stay Bright’s fifth birthday, it’s the first step in trying to be even more creative!