Picture of Edinburgh by James Waddell

Picture of Edinburgh by James Waddell


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Content is everywhere. It's in your newspaper. It's on your TV screen. It's in your back pocket.

With so much content available, it's important to get it right. Is your content focused for your audience? Does it give them all the key points in a format appropriate to them? Does it encourage people to share it?

Stay Bright can help you answer all these questions and more, supporting you to plan new content, audit what you already have, or create the content for you.

Make your content work for you.

Social Media

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It's not all just about big marketing blitzes these days. Now social media can help get the word out too, and have just as strong results.

From Twitter to LinkedIn, social media covers a range of interests and audiences, and with it opportunities to connect.

So how do you pick which is the right one for you?

Stay Bright can help you make the right choice for your business or organisation, and help you to create a strategy to get the best impact. We can also provide training for staff to get everyone up to speed. 



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Stay Bright is an Edinburgh based business born from over 15 years of developing information (specialising in young people as a target audience) and identifying new engagement methods through digital technology, and training provision. 

After leaving my role as Digital Academy Director at Young Scot, I launched Stay Bright to specialise in bespoke support around content and social media strategy.

Prior to my 11 years working in the Third Sector, I spent two years working for DC Thomson in Dundee.